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We help you utilize your office space and generate revenue by adding an ultrasound diagnostic center in the comfort of your office. Read more.
Derive not only additional revenue, but maintain patient compliance, wellness management and patient retention by having the patients come back to your office for diagnostic imaging. Read more.
You will now be able to diagnose your patients in your office. Set baseline monitoring and evaluate the progress and/or deterioration of cardiovascular disease, stenosis, gallstones, kidney stones, as well as other positive findings. Read more.
Allow us to help you generate additional revenue, provide better service for your patients, and help expand your business without a single dollar investment in any additional infrastructure or staff. Read more.
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Multi Mobile Imaging is a national mobile ultrasound company offering physicians a portable, integrated medical solution that enhances the quality of patient care. Call us Toll Free (888) 959-3113.

For Physicians
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On Site Ultrasound

Expand your Clinical Services with Multi Mobile Imaging by offering ultrasound to your patients in the convenience of your office.

Multi Mobile Imaging provides registered and certified Sonographers who undergo continuous training to keep their edge in the latest technology and diagnostic practices. Our portable digital systems provide superior imaging performance typically seen on high end systems for uncompromised diagnostic confidence. Physicians and patients alike experience top notch service from our highly trained staff, making our turnaround time just 2 to 3 days from the date of exam, and 24 hrs for Stats. Your patients no longer have to wait weeks for their test appointments and results.

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Vivide Dynamic Images

Get Enhanced Dynamic Images of your patients, with highly trained Sonographers and a smart ultrasound system that goes to any clinical environment.

Enhanced, real-time definition gives you the clinical confidence you’ve been waiting for in a compact and convenient ultrasound system. MMI is an American College of Radiology (ACR) accredited facility.

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MMI Strives to Better Serve Your Patients & Improve their Health Care Experience.

Your Practice and Multi Mobile Imaging Ultrasound means better patient care, better patient retention, and increased revenue for your practice.

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